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WHERE TO GO: Our Milos Itinerary 2022

Milos is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. This Cycladic island is becoming an increasingly popular hotspot for tourists, and I can see why. Picture this: Clear turquoise waters, lunar landscapes that resemble the moon, hidden sea caves and of course deliciously authentic Greek food.

If you plan to travel to Milos this year (or any year), I invite you to have a little scroll and read what's in store for what should be your next Greek getaway.

GETTING THERE First thing's first, it's worth noting that Milos' peak season runs from mid-June until September. Whilst there are more flights and ferries during this period, it also means that you may find places getting booked up quickly and prices starting to rise. Typically the temperature at this time ranges from 23-30°C, with the Cycladic breeze.

I also visited back in May, where it was a lot quieter with some places still closed. However, it made for a more peaceful stay and is perfect for photographers that want to visit the extraordinary areas without people getting in the shot.

The quickest way to get to Milos is by plane, usually from Aegean Airlines. The past two times, I flew from London Gatwick to Athens in the evening and did an overnight stay in the city. I stayed at Hotel Avra which is low cost, has decent Wi-Fi and most importantly, a free shuttle to and from the Airport.

Personally, I prefer to arrive at my end destination, as early as possible to make the most of the area. My 9AM flight from Athens to Milos, was a short 40-minute journey. If you plan to visit Milos, you should book this flight well in advance just as the vessel is small and easily gets booked up.

A ferry from Piraeus Port in Athens is also available and provides a slightly more scenic route. Whilst the journey is longer (ranging from 3 hours to 6), you also don't have the hassle of going through airport security procedures or worrying about luggage with weight limits.

I had a ferry booking only for my return to Athens with Seajets. Service was efficient, plenty of room to wander around on board and even a kiosk to buy snacks.

The best thing about Milos is that both the airport and ferry port are close to the main towns.


Having a car for Milos is a huge advantage and will allow you the freedom to visit all the picturesque sites. Again, during peak times, renting a car might be sparse so book in advance. We used Avance for an easy airport pick-up. A few others used also used ATVs to get around the island.



It's quite easy to take it day by day when you visit Milos and come with no plan. Usually, I'm all for that life. However, if there is one thing you must book before you land, it's a boat excursion to truly experience the beautiful waters of Milos, and visit areas that are only accessible by boat.

We chose the incredible Salty Rides. We had an amazing adventure with, Captain Manos - we met at Firiplaka beach and had a boat ride to the wonderful Klefitiko.

The boat itself is very modern, chic and a nice size with cushion seating, wooden decking and plenty of storage room. On board, we had a range of equipment to use such as snorkel gear and sea scooters. Water and some refreshing snacks were also available.

On board with Salty Rides


During my time in Milos, I was fortunate enough to experience three different places.

White Coast Pool Suites - Located North in Mytakas. Best for couples looking for a luxurious stay and A-list treatment. This sophisticated hotel offers panoramic sea views and an upscale restaurant. All rooms come with their own private pool overlooking the ocean.

Artemis Deluxe Rooms - Located South in Paliochori. This seaside hotel offers sea views and is surrounded by a few restaurants in the area, should you wish to dine outside of the hotel. You have the option to lounge both poolside, in the comfort of a shaded cabana or lounge on the beach to catch rays.

Cave Suites Milos - Only a 3-minute drive from the famous Sarakiniko beach (great if you want to be the first to visit). If you prefer a more secluded stay and don't mind driving out for lunch/dinner, this place is perfect. With just 6 pool suites available, you'll need to book this one quick!


Gyros of Milos - If you haven't already guessed it - this casual diner sells, of course, gyros! This is a must for when you're in Milos, as so many locals recommend this place if you're on a budget. I've been here twice and it seems to always hit the spot. (Price Range: €)


De Milos - New kid on the block, De Milos in Pollonia offers not just food, but an 'experience'. If you're looking to treat yourself to a fancy meal with fantastic service, De Milos won't disappoint you. It's modern Greek cuisine with a creative flair, set in a trendy yet inviting atmosphere. Outdoor and indoor settings are both available, as well as rooftop. Whatever the weather, it's a great place to visit if you're on the island. (Price Range: €€-€€€)

Astakas - Based in the postcard-worthy fisherman village of Klima, Astakas serves fresh seafood overlooking the harbour. Perfect lunch spot with plenty of tables and delicious choices. (Price Range: €€)

Yankos - Another Gyros place? Well, it wouldn't be fair to list just one when in Greece. Again, located in the port of Adamas next to the main bus stop. Perfect for a quick grab and go before your next adventure on the island. (Price Range: €)

Yankos Souvlaki with a Mythos Beer

Rifaki - This colourful seaside restaurant will be sure to catch your eye if you're in Pollonia. Offering seafood, pasta, meats and even vegan dishes, this casual restaurant is great if you're looking for a laidback lunch spot. (Price Range: €€)

Nostos Seafood - Looking for a lunch spot before your ferry from Milos? Nostos provides that rustic-minimal aesthetic whilst serving delicious seafood right beside the Aegean sea. (Price Range: €€-€€€)

Sirocco Volcanic Restaurant - A very Instagrammable place with Boho-decor, set on the beach of Paleochori. Food is baked by burying pots of marinated meat or fresh fish in sandpits allowing them to be slowly cooked in the heat of the sand. (Price Range: €€€)

Avli Milos - Based in the beautiful Plaka town. A lively vibe set in the heart centre of this town. They provide a range of hearty or light traditional greek cuisine. (Price Range: €€)

Bianco - Based in White Coast hotel and a perfect spot for a beachfront-luxury evening meal. My full overview can be found back in my White Coast blog post here. (Price Range: €€€€)

Aggeliki Ice Icream - Despite the Cyclades being notoriously windy when it's hot... it's hot. So what better way to cool down, than a scoop of ice cream to help combat those sweet-tooth cravings. Aggeliki is a small dessert parlour based in Adamantas port offering beverages, ice creams, pastries and cakes. (Price Range: €)

Cooling down with an Aggeliki Ice Cream


Sarakiniko Beach - Perhaps the most iconic beach of Milos, and one you definitely do not want to skip. Known for its lunar landscapes and cliff-jumping into azure waters, Sarakiniko provides a picture-worthy spot. This place can get busy from 11 am-3 pm, so be sure to get here early or come for sunset.

Tsigrado - This little cove is reachable by boat or by climbing down a wooden ladder through narrow rocky walls. If you're willing to go for the climb option, be sure to wear grippy shows and use a backpack. The beach area is small, so get there early if you want a spot to sunbathe.

Kleftiko - If you want to swim in the crystal blue waters against a backdrop of rocky white cliffs, Klefitko will make for a perfect day out. This place is only accessible by boat so be sure to book into a group or your own private charter such as Salty Rides.

Klima - A vibrant fisherman village, known for its colourful boat houses. This is more of a quick stopover rather than a place you will spend all day.

Mandrakia - Another fisherman village that boasts beautiful viewpoints. Although we didn't eat there, you'll find a popular restaurant named 'Medusa'. Again, this was more of a quick stopover for us.

Paleochori - We were fortunate enough to have had our accommodation nestled at this beach. Surrounded by pink and yellow volcanic cliffs, this spot provides a perfect beach day where you can bring a towel or rent a sun bed.

Papafragkas - Part beach and part sea cave, this rocky landscape can be a cool place to visit. However, we went on an extremely windy day where the water coves were inaccessible due to the waves.

Ready to visit Milos?


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