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REVIEW: Cave Suites Milos

What if I told you, you could visit the moon? And what if said moon was located on a beautiful Greek island named, Milos. It's no doubt that Greek islands hold a strong place in my heart. The food, the people, the atmosphere and of course some of the most photogenic areas - a creatives dream! After an obscenely delayed flight from London to Athens, paired with 5 hours sleep in an airport hotel, we were off on a 40 minute plane to the magical Milos. This was my first time to the island, and we were here to visit the cosy boutique hotel, Cave Suites Milos.

Milos is an island in the Cyclades, shaped by its volcanic past to offer its visitors incredible beaches and an exotic beauty unlike any other island in Greece - Discover Greece

First Impressions & Setting

Located in Kaminia, Cave Suites Milos is small boutique hotel with only 6 suites in total. It offers complete tranquillity and privacy, making it the perfect romantic destination for couples that want to fully switch off. I also mentioned to my friend, that the hotel would be perfect for a small retreat group.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely Kaliope, who runs the hotel and and truly made our experience a wonderful stay. She was an incredible host and created so much light and warmth to the atmosphere.

The exterior of the hotel itself, had natural elements to it. Think rocky walls, neutral tones, wooden framings and boho-chic interior.

Suites at Cave Suites Milos


The suites were extremely spacious with modern furnishings and dedicated areas to lounge or work from. Since I had some work on my laptop to take care of during my stay, overall it was a great work set up (something to note for digital nomads or remote workers). All suites came with an outdoor area to lounge/dine in, as well as it's own private plunge pool. The rooms come equipped with your basic needs such as a small fridge and bathroom amenities.

Everyday our rooms were cleaned in the morning, late afternoon and evening for turn down. With only a few rooms to service, it meant that Kaliope and her team were able to really look after us and did everything they could to make our stay feel at ease.

Cave Suites Milos offer a daily breakfast where you can choose a list of items you would like, the evening before. They offered a fantastic selection ranging from hot or cold foods, that get delivered to your room at your selected time the next morning. I believe during my stay, I spend every morning with at least three different liquids (smoothie, mint tea and iced coffee) since I felt spoilt for choice... that, or I was just indecisive.

Things to do

By far, one of the best things about this hotel is its proximity to the famous Sarakiniko Beach. And this is what I meant by the moon in my earlier paragraphs. If you've ever researched Milos or seen videos on social media, it's likely you would come across this ethereal place with jewel-toned waters and lunar white rocks. The fact that this hotel is only 1km away from this impressive coastline, is a HUGE selling point.

We were fortunate enough that we came in the off-season and that the drive was around 2 minutes. Locals mentioned that this place can get extremely busy with people coming in the early hours and waters heaving with boats and visitors swimming. Whilst it's not bad to have a busy beach, it's certainly a nightmare if you plan to shoot content and fly a drone without people getting in the shot. Luckily, the only other people around were shooting a small fashion shoot and film scouting, so we respectfully didn't get in each other's way.

Sarakiniko Beach aka 'The Moon' of Milos
Sarakiniko Beach aka 'The Moon' of Milos


I'd recommend booking Cave Suites Milos, if you're looking for privacy and a more intimately peaceful atmosphere. You get plenty of natural light and sun, since this place is positioned quite high without obstructing views. Whilst we were able to go without a car during our stay, if you plan to stay here longer and explore more of what Milos has to offer, I'd suggest to book a car or an ATV to travel around.

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This stay was gently offered by Cave Suites Milos. All views and opinions here are as usual my own.


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