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REVIEW: Mythic Paros

Mythic Paros offers a Greek Island sanctuary set in the low-key island of Paros, boasting multi-toned sunsets and fewer crowds. With only a 20-minute drive from the ferry port (or 8-min from Airport), Mythic Paros is nestled under the Butterfly Valley Nature Reserve, located on the south-west of the island.

The setting at Mythic is one that soothes the mind and body given its position on the peaceful hillside under Butterfly Valley, incredible view of the horizon & focus on natural materials & rustic but luxurious design

After a full-on week exploring the neighbouring island Milos, I initially had intentions to also search high and low for the best spots to visit in Paros. However, we couldn't have planned for how amazing Mythic Paros would be, so we ended up truly immersing ourselves in what this breathtakingly beautiful hotel has to offer. It's hard not to fall in love with this place when you're surrounded by nature with panoramic views of the Aegean sea.

Whilst this place originally opened back in 2019 and is still considered new (since we don't count the 'you-know-what' years), Mythic has already gone through some exciting developments and renovations since the last peak season.

With that being said, let’s review.

Mythic Paros sits hillside under Butterfly Valley

First Impressions & Setting

I visited this place the first week of June, just as the peak season starts looming in. After a short drive from the ferry port, we arrived at our abode for the next few days. Unlike the usual smooth white exterior that most Greek hotels tend to have, Mythic Paros plays with raw and natural materials, using bespoke furniture crafted on-site and drawing in a sense of that warmth from bohemian-chic features. Some of the walls are carved out from the actual mountain's rock, which I thought was a unique touch.


We stayed at Mythic Paros' 'Supreme Suite with Sea View'. This beautifully decorated suite is open-plan with majestic stone interiors. Plenty of light shines through its floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, illuminating the features of the room with a natural glow. Complete with a carved-in rainfall shower, bathrobes, slippers and luxurious amenities to help you feel pampered. I was personally, very impressed with how spacious both the inside and outside terrace of our suite was. Rooms were regularly cleaned (with permission), and a turn down service was available during sundown. As a digital nomad who tends to bring work abroad, I found it very comfortable to work in this room.


Something you'll first notice about this hotel is that there are levels to it. All rooms boast a front-facing sea view which overlooks the main areas of Mythic Paros. The newly renovated infinity pool also has two layers - the smaller perched next to the bar/lounge downstairs, and the larger pool sits centre stage with a boardwalk and those 'Instagrammable' overwater sunbeds. Plenty of loungers are available (or beanbags if you prefer), with crochet knitted parasols to keep you shaded from the high heat. Adjacent next to the pool, you'll notice a very bohemian inspired beach area, with golden sand and inviting hammocks overlooking the views. We were told that there are plans to have a regular DJ within the space, which will be a fantastic addition to create a soulful vibe and provide entertainment.

A key feature of Mythic Paros is their dreamy outdoor Oniro Yoga Studio, surrounded by nature and healing energy, designed to help you restore and revitalise. Meditation, Yoga and Pilates sessions are offered daily. We tried all three sessions, which was exactly what I needed after a hectic week back in Milos. As a yoga teacher myself, it's great to see hotel with a strong focus on wellness. I've come across many yoga studios within hotels, and whilst some are merely just a room with space - Oniro actually felt like a space I'd be happy to continue my practice in. The open studio is extremely spacious and fully equipped with mats, straps and blocks, to help you flow with ease. However, if you're looking for more of a 'gym workout', you can visit the fully air-conditioned Fitness Suite.

A spa is also available onsite, which is tucked away near the beach area of the hotel. Cavo Senso Spa offers two large treatment rooms, with personalised treatments performed by the highest-quality therapists.


We predominately ate at the Muzzein Cliffside Experience. This was where breakfast was served, with plenty of healthy options and traditional Greek-inspired breakfasts as well. In the evening, we treated ourselves to dinner, which as you can imagine, did not disappoint at all. We tried a mix of both light and heart dishes, which boasted a medley of vibrant Mediterranean flavours to tantalise your tastebuds.

And of course, for a place that holds an extraordinary pool, they have a beach bar offering cocktails, smoothies and light lunches to energise you throughout the day.

Muzzein’s à la carte menu celebrates natural goodness of fresh, local produce, across a mélange of fine dishes that tantalise the senses yet stay proudly grounded in the beautiful simplicity of Greek cuisine.

You could tell the food at Mythic Paros, was made with high-quality ingredients. There were plenty of options to help nourish your body... and of course, a few sweet options to indulge in (FYI: would recommend trying the ever-so-moreish Lemon Tart).


Could I see myself coming back? Yes. Whilst I'm usually the type that sways towards contemporary and minimalist design hotels, there's something special about Mythic Paros. Just being at this oasis, made me feel so relaxed and surrounded by warmth. Watching the sunset painting different colours through the sky, gave an almost ethereal look to the hotel, as you could see the splashes of colour mirrrored in the pool.

Personally, I'd say this is a great choice for couples or even friends. I went with my fellow-yogi, Emily, and it felt as though we were on a mini-retreat.

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This stay was gently offered by Mythic Paros. All views and opinions here are as usual my own


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