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WHERE TO GO: Exploring the Seychelles

In partnership with Visit Seychelles tourism board

Before going to Seychelles...

The most common question I receive from those planning a trip to Seychelles is invariably about the weather. While various sources suggest optimal times to visit (typically between October and November, and then April and May), it's essential not to let these recommendations limit your plans. Weather patterns fluctuate annually, making it challenging to guarantee uninterrupted sunshine. Nonetheless, Seychelles' allure transcends any climatic variation. Whether basking in scorching rays or embracing tropical downpours, each weather condition offers its own enchantment. Trusting weather apps proves futile, as their predictions are often unreliable—a sentiment echoed by locals.

Regardless of when you choose to visit—be it during the temperate or arid season—packing essentials like a lightweight rain jacket and durable waterproof sandals, such as Teva's, ensures you're prepared for any eventuality.

La Digue, Seychelles

Day 1: Arriving at La Digue Discovering the Seychelles isn't just about breathtaking beaches and luxurious resorts; it's also about experiencing the unique rhythm of island life. After indulging in the serene luxury of Raffles on Praslin Island (you can read about the experience here), my partner and I embarked on the next leg of our adventure, bound for La Digue.

Arriving on La Digue via the Cat Cocos ferry, a mere 15-minute journey, we were immediately enveloped in a Caribbean-esque ambience that set the tone for our island escape. Stepping off the jetty, the absence of bustling taxis or cars struck us as unusual for a harbour, but on this eco-conscious island, only essential vehicles like ambulances and construction services are permitted. Instead, bicycles reign supreme, with a few buggy services catering to hotels and luggage transport. Opting for the freedom of two wheels, we headed to the bike garage to collect our rentals, an essential companion for exploring the island efficiently.

While La Digue is eminently walkable, biking proved to be the ideal mode of transport, allowing us to cover more ground and maximize our time, especially given our limited stay. Our first destination was Kokosye, nestled in the renowned Anse Source D'argent. Here, we were greeted by Fleurange, a talented Seychellois artist renowned for her innovative creations fashioned from coconut leaves. Under Fleurange's expert guidance, we tried our hand at coconut weaving, crafting our own stylish hats while learning about her life as an artist, including her exhibitions in far-flung locales like Paris.

Blessed with radiant sunshine, we dedicated the latter part of the day to witnessing nature's spectacle: the sunset casting its golden glow over the iconic granite boulders adorning the beach.

Tip: while La Digue is often visited as a day trip, consider extending your stay to truly savour its charm. The island experiences peak activity from 10 am to 4 pm, coinciding with ferry arrivals and day-trippers. By staying overnight, we relished the tranquillity of the famed beaches during off-peak hours, immersing ourselves fully in the island's serene allure.

Exploring beaches around La Digue

Day 2: Hiking to Anse Marron

The following day commenced with an early rise, as we eagerly embarked on a morning hike guided by Sunny Trail Guide. Despite a light drizzle at the outset, we traversed through verdant woodland, gradually venturing towards the island's periphery to explore its pristine beaches before circling back to our starting point.

The hike traversed diverse terrain, from muddy forest floors to navigating between colossal granite boulders and wading through waist-deep waters (a handy tip: pack wet shoes and swimwear!). While I don't claim expertise in hiking, I relish such opportunities, and this excursion proved to be an unforgettable adventure. Unveiling secluded beaches and scaling the island's peaks rewarded us with unparalleled vistas.

Upon reaching Anse Marron, our guide treated us to refreshing fruit platters, a welcome respite before indulging in a swim in the crystalline waters when the sun came out. As the hike neared its conclusion, we reconvened at the Sunny Trail Guide kiosk, where we emjoyed some music and even received a lesson in cracking open coconuts—an authentic island experience to cap off a day of exploration.

Day 3: Journey across to Mahé

After luxuriating in the charms of Praslin and La Digue for a few days, it was time to return to where our Seychelles journey began—Mahé, the largest island in the archipelago and home to the capital city of Victoria. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by Nicholas, our dedicated driver throughout our stay. I must say, Nicholas is not only an exceptional driver—prompt, skilled, and attentive on the roads—but also a treasure trove of knowledge about the country. During our drives, he thoughtfully paused at iconic landmarks to offer insightful snippets of Seychellois history, enriching our journey in more ways than one. For anyone planning a stay in the Seychelles, I highly recommend booking with Nicholas for a seamless and enlightening travel experience.

Our journey on Mahé kicked off with a refreshing stop at Fisherman's Cove Resort in the scenic locale of Bel Ombre. Nestled conveniently along the coastline, the resort exuded a laid-back warmth, with a pool offering panoramic views of the beach and nearby mountains. After settling into our new abode and grabbing a bite to eat, we were shortly picked up by the Tourism Board team for an exhilarating adventure at Constance Ephelia, where zip-lining awaited us.

At Smac Adventures, we were outfitted with helmets, harnesses, and gloves, ensuring our safety as we prepared to soar through the treetops. Following a thorough safety briefing and demonstration, we wasted no time in embarking on our zip-lining journey, traversing multiple thrilling passageways high above the ground. It was the perfect afternoon adrenaline rush, adding an extra dose of excitement to our Seychelles escapade.

Day 4: Hustle and Bustle of Victoria

No visit to the Seychelles would be complete without a visit to the vibrant capital, Victoria. Despite its relatively small size, Victoria offers the bustling atmosphere characteristic of any city. Additionally, it is home to the renowned Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market, a national landmark constructed in 1840. Here, visitors can discover the freshest fruits and vegetables, locally sourced fish and meats, as well as handcrafted souvenirs. During our stay, we indulged in some mangoes, which were surprisingly affordable compared to prices in the UK.

After our shopping excursion, we proceeded to have lunch at Marie Antoinette restaurant, a distinguished establishment not only in Victoria but also one of the oldest in the Seychelles, renowned for its authentic Creole cuisine. Although somewhat secluded, it is advisable to make reservations in advance, as the restaurant tends to be quite popular.

As the day drew to a close, we embarked on our final stop at the Takamaka Rum Distillery, another iconic heritage site boasting its own museum, a medicinal garden, historical ruins, and our beloved Giant Aldabra tortoises – Taka and Maka. Here, we explored the history of the famed rum, learned about its production process, and were treated to a tasting session.

Day 5: Full Day of Island hopping

Picture this: a day that practically whispered promises of adventure, unfolding with the gentle grace of a well-rehearsed ballet. It all kicked off bright and early, with the sun stretching its rays over Victoria harbour, where we met up with 7 South Seychelles. Anticipation crackled in the air as we boarded, eager to dive into their St. Anne Marine Park escapade.

As we cast off, the horizon beckoned with boundless opportunities. Island hopping became our anthem, each stop revealing a fresh slice of Seychellois paradise. But it wasn't just about ticking off destinations; it was about soaking up the journey. Along the way, we treated ourselves to a laid-back lunch, relishing the island flavours. And when the sea whispered secrets of its depths, we answered its call, slipping into the crystal-clear waters for some snorkelling.

Amidst the beauty, there were pockets of tranquillity. Like when we landed on Moyenne Island, a haven where time seemed to stand still. Here, giant tortoises sauntered about freely, adding a touch of ancient wonder to the landscape. And as we ventured deeper, the ocean welcomed us with open arms, inviting us to explore its hidden treasures.

Final Thoughts While Seychelles has long been a favourite haunt for jet setters and honeymooners alike, its allure extends far beyond romantic escapades. Yes, it's easy to get swept away by the dreamy façade, but scratch beneath the surface, and you'll discover a tapestry of experiences waiting to be unravelled. The Seychellois locals, hailing from diverse backgrounds, offer a vibrant tapestry of culture and island life, enriching the visitor experience in ways that surpass mere postcard snapshots.

For those considering a visit, I implore you to delve deeper into the riches of these islands. Even if you've set foot on Seychellois shores before, there's always more to uncover. Thanks to the insights and guidance of the Visit Seychelles team, my recent journey felt like a genuine immersion into the heart and soul of the country, transcending the confines of resort life. So, whether you're a first-time explorer or a seasoned traveller seeking new horizons, Seychelles beckons with open arms, ready to unveil its secrets to those willing to venture beyond the familiar.

This trip was gently offered and in partnership with Visit Seychelles ( All views and opinions here are as usual my own.


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