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REVIEW: Preidlhof - Luxury Dolce Vita Resort, South Tyrol

Typically, when you think of European summer destinations, being by the beach, exploring rustic towns and eating an array of colourful Mediterranean foods, most likely come to mind. Being someone from the UK who knows what it's like to experience notoriously temperamental weather; it's now become an unwritten rule to escape to somewhere with plenty of sunshine. Because we know how important it is to get Vitamin D - am I right?

However, this time I wanted to try something a little different and somewhere with a lot of greenery. I'll admit, I'm not a snow person at all, but I've always had South Tyrol/Dolomites on my list. Though people tend to visit during peak ski months, I wanted to come here when the weather was a little bit hotter and we could pack summer clothes.

Every vacation at our adults-only, award-winning spa is an opportunity to regenerate and to heal. Join us on a journey of self-discovery.

In comes Preidlhof. South Tyrol's award-winning spa hotel, designed for adults only.

Girl standing at main pool at White Coast Milos
Preidlhof main pool area

First Impressions & Setting

Hotel Preidlhof is located in Naturns, within the Vinschgau Valley of South Tyrol, southwest of the historical spa town of Merano northwest of Bolzano, the gateway to the Dolomites. After a 2.5 hours drive from Milan Bergamo, we arrived to glorious greens, expansive views and blue skies at Preidlhof. Straight away, you'll notice the fresh air, even when it's 30 degrees. Just outside of the hotel, you'll see a garden with an array of their home-grown apples which is a key ingredient in some of their recipes.

The interior of the hotel is modern, with a touch of glitz using metallic accents and rich jewel-toned furnishings. It has a more 'cosier' feel in some areas, where you can picture how it would look during the winter holiday period. After check-in, we received a well-deserved glass of their homemade champagne that was infused with their apples. All I can say is - very drinkable, extremely dangerous. A valet service is also present, meaning you can simply pass on your keys for them to park the car in their garage.


The rooms and suites are spread over two buildings. Priedlhof has a wide range of room types to suit your needs and make sure your stay is memorable. We were lucky to stay in the Romantic Suite Love which offers a 55m² space including a 14m² outdoor living area equipped with a whirlpool hot tub and loungers. For those staying during the colder months, you'll also notice the infrared heaters to help keep you toasty throughout your stay. Worth noting that all rooms are south-facing, so you can take in the views when the morning draws in.

Hot tub on the Balcony of our Suite

The contemporary-luxury suite itself was large enough to make even a long-haul stay pleasant. Inside you'll find plenty of wardrobe space plus a double-sink bathroom and rainfall shower. The hotel also offers a ‘Good Night’ menu including 12 different kinds of pillows, and mattress toppers so you can fully immerse into total relaxation. A personal added detail I loved, was the hiking gear and equipment available in the room, should you wish to venture out of the hotel grounds. If you visit South Tyrol in the sunnier months, you'll notice that a lot of tourists come here for outdoor activities such as walks and cycling.


Where do I even begin? I could probably write a whole entire blog post dedicated to the facilities at Preidlhof, since there are so many. In short, if you are planning for an active holiday, you'll definitely be able to recover and relax in the comfort of your hotel.

Preidlhof offers a daily schedule of workout classes, outdoor excursions and spa sessions that you can join in during your stay. The resort comes with two fitness studios, 6 pools and their impressive 6 six-storey spa tower building which contains 16 different saunas, steam and relaxation spaces with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and vineyards. There's even a rock climbing wall which scales the side of one of their buildings. If you plan to cool off, you need to try the mango and eucalyptus-infused steam and showers located near the top floor. Full nudity is allowed within this tower (and is the norm), however dedicated sauna towels are provided if you wish to cover up a bit.

A place where mind and body regenerate by rediscovering authentic emotions, surrounded by mountains and local vegetation.

The incredible Spa Tower

The spa tower, is well and truly the highlight of the resort and is a next-level experience that I invite you all to try. Be sure to check out their exclusive expert-led sauna sessions, where you indulge in some aromatic scrubs, designed to purify and exfoliate the body.

Unlike some hotel spas, where it can get quite busy quickly, you'll be spoilt for choice on choosing a relaxation spot. Whether you prefer the comfiness of a sleep pod underground or being outdoors with the mountainous views, you'll never feel as though it's crowded.


One thing which we did not realise until nearer the end of our stay, was that you may have a dedicated table reserved for you throughout your stay. We were luckily in the comfort of a Wellness VIP lounge, which was a private indoor space complete with valley views, and plush white seating. The great thing about having a dedicated table was that employees would be able to deliver messages to your table. On some occasions, we noticed couples were left with a personalised photo card of themselves to celebrate their special day.

Every morning for breakfast, we'd receive a newsletter which highlighted the resort activities for the day plus, events happening within the local village. I personally loved this touch, as it showed great attention to detail in their efforts to let guests maximise their experience.

Food-wise, you can choose a selection of items from their menu, whilst also enjoying their high-quality buffet. The restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients and caters to all diets (including vegan). Expect to make room for food, as you don't want to miss out on what they have to offer. Guests are also invited to try their 'Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu' for dinner. The menu was curated by Emanuele Giorgione, the internationally renowned Healing Chef with the support of Dr. Med. Alexander Angerer, Preidlhof’s resident doctor.


If you are looking for a resort where you want to be surrounded by nature and offers a range of activities and plenty of wellness facilities - this is for you. As beautiful as it is during the summer months, I'd also be keen to come here during the ski season. Imagine waking up to a winter wonderland, whilst heating up in their many saunas with a view?

My only advice would be that I'd suggest staying here for at least a full week to truly enjoy the resort. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to enjoy the free bicycle hire or ride an ATV. However, it gives us an excuse to come back again!

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This stay was gently offered by Preidlhof - Luxury Dolce Vita Resort. All views and opinions here are as usual my own


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