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REVIEW: Four Seasons Seychelles

When you follow countless wanderlust and travel accounts on social media, one particular place you might come across is Four Seasons Seychelles in Mahé. A particular video that I always came across, was one that showcased a sunken bath tub, surrounded by a plunge pool and overlooking the sea. I knew that if/when I'd ever visit Seychelles, this place would be a must.

Girl in floral bath, with infinity pool in Seychelles Four Seasons
Photo: Ocean view villa at Four Season Seychelles

Come February 2022 - and here we are. Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely team and the Hotel Manager. We started with cooling tea and chilled towels to refresh from our journey. They mentioned that there was some renovations to their usual front office so the one we arrived in was temporary. After check-in, the buggy picked us up to escort us to our room. Already from the small journey, you can see how the resort is nestled on the hilltop in a crescent formation with all the suites widely spaced out.

As we entered the room, we had a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and fresh fruit on arrival. However, the first thing that was on my mind, was to see the epic bathroom that has been all over my Instagram explore page. So as I dashed to the bathroom, I was completely over the moon. It did indeed live up to expectations and was even more lust-worthy in person. That same day, we also had an in-villa floral bath planned, where we let our bodies soak up the nourishing essential oils, drink smoothies and watch the sunset.

One thing to note with this resort, is that whilst 'Four Seasons' is a big name within the hospitality industry, this particular place feels very much like a private sanctuary as it has less rooms versus other resorts. It's perfect for those that really want a getaway and to truly unwind. There wasn't ever a time where I felt that it was too crowded or had a long wait to be served.

We had the chance to visit a few of the other properties available at the resort. All of which came with their own infinity pool and panoramic views.

Seven-Bedroom Residence Villa

After touring around the expansive villas, we had some downtime to spend at the Petite Anse Bay beach. Since being in Seychelles, everyone on Mahé mentioned that the Four Seasons boasted the best beach. Legally, all beaches are available to the public in Seychelles, there were even visitors that trekked all the way to visit this beautiful area. White soft sand, turquoise waters and mountain views - check!

Dinner that evening was Asian Izakaya food at ZEZ. An extensive menu including hand rolled sushi and other tasty dishes. Highly recommend getting the Black Glazed Miso Cod and Matcha Tea Molten Cake.

The next morning, we had a big day ahead of us. Including a Mountain Meditation hike followed by a "Water" (Sacral Chakra) yoga inspired by the four elements. Headed down to fuel up at ZEZ restaurant for breakfast. Which offers a generous selection of hot food, pastries, fresh fruit and detoxifying juices. For those that know me, you'll know how particular I am about my breakfasts and can hands-down say, this did not disappoint. All the food was fresh and locally-sourced, and the catering team were open to making a fruit smoothie of your choice.

Our hike-tour guide was led by our yoga teacher, Shereen. The 30-minute walk up the mountain, is designed to help you reconnect with nature, be present in your surrounding and taking it slow. Typically, when you hear 'hike', your mind is fixated on reaching the end point. By taking our time, we were able to disconnect from technology and learn about the horticulture that the Four Seasons has to offer. When we reached the peak, you bet we had the most impressive view of the resort. Our guided meditation sat upon the rocks with the sound of waves, was truly blissful.

Come evening time and a rest up after a hot walk, we had the chance to enjoy the rest of our stay before ending with our yoga session. The "water" flow includes fluid and soft movements with the body, allowing you to release any tension whilst mixing restorative asanas to help you relax your muscles. The atmosphere of the yoga session was the perfect way to end our stay, with the pavilion having a hill-top scenic view and a gentle breeze from the ocean.

Would I come back to Four Seasons Seychelles? The answer is... yes.

It was everything I imagined plus more. However, next time I will definitely want to also visit the equally stunning Four Seasons at Deroches Island.

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This holiday was gently offered by Four Seasons Seychelles. All views and opinions here are as usual my own.


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