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REVIEW: Andronis Concept

When you think of Santorini, I guarantee that the first thing you think about is clean white buildings, blue domes and fiery sunsets. For those that have experienced the beauty of Santorini, you probably also know that this picture-perfect location can also be one of the most hectic and busiest of the Greek islands. Nevertheless, watching the sunset at Oia is still a must (even if it does mean squeezing in between people to find a spot).

However, even though it's great to be part of the liveliness, visiting all the tavernas and adorable boutiques - it's still important to be able to relax and have some downtime on your trip here. And, there's no place that does it better, than Andronis Concept Wellness Resort. The newest establishment was created under Andronis Hotels, residing in Imerovigli.

On arrival at the airport, we met with our chauffeur who drove us in a very swanky white Tesla to our destination (points for being eco-friendly already). He also gave us a little overview of the Andronis hotel group, a bit of history and a few personal Santorini recommendations. When we stepped foot into the lobby, I remember thinking straight away "this is an art museum". Quite literally, the place is a work of art and has a rustic yet spacious modern feel. A chandelier of turquoise gem-stone style rocks, captivating architecture and magnificent attention to detail. Now, I'm no interior designer myself, but if you're into design - this place is for you.

Entrance to Andronis Concept

As we arrived quite early in the morning, we were invited to have breakfast at Throubi Restaurant. This is the exact moment I knew this place was for me. I'm notoriously known for being a bit of a breakfast snob. As someone who predominately eats plant-based, one thing I'll tell you about travelling Europe, is that it can be so difficult to eat a vegan diet whilst getting the right amount of nutrients. However, when I glanced at the menu and saw the milk alternatives, health tonics and nutritionally balanced dishes - this was IT. My friend who I was with, even noted that I couldn't stop smiling since arriving. From that point, I knew that I was truly in my element. Seeing everyone around us eat healthy with caldera views and people hiking nearby, felt as though I already entered a wellness retreat.

Breakfast at Throubi Restaurant

After finishing up with our delicious breakfast, we then proceeded to check into our room. As expected, it's a designer's dream and we were of course greeted with champagne and fresh fruit to enjoy. The hotel only has 28 suites and villas, all of which come with their own pool and private terraces to enjoy the Aegean views. If you're looking for a more romantic and secluded vibe in Santorini, this is where you'll find it. There is also the main pool which also has a heated sunken cave pool and with a rainfall (time's like this where I wish I had taken a photo).

Alongside the usual fitness amenities such as a gym and pool, the resort also offers a spacious yoga studio nestled just at the top of the hotel. We started the morning with an energising animal flow yoga to help warm up the muscles and work on core strength. Afterwards, we took to the silks for some aerial yoga - which is always a favourite of mine as it helps with spinal decompression and gives a stretch like no other.

Aerial Yoga available at Andronis Concept

If you're an avid yogi or simply like to get stretchy, a timetable of yoga sessions are available to resort guests. You can also pair this up with their hike timetable, which I definitely want to do next time I visit. After a very 'zen' day, we ended up having in-room dining back at our suite. Typically, I prefer to eat at a restaurant, but having the option to eat at our private terrace overlooking the sunset, just felt dreamy. Our entire stay felt like an escape from the hustle and bustle and allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in what Andronis Concept is all about.

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This holiday was gently offered by Andronis Concept. All views and opinions here are as usual my own.


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